Your consultation should take you on an emotional journey.  What appeals to you – What do you really want, what are your core values, needs, desires, that make up your unique personality.  We acknowledge them, draw them out, give voice to them.  The “tells” we all have, usually weave contradictory beliefs, values, historical truths, culture, and lifestyle.  We would do well to be able to recognize, discern, and discriminate these.  Now, here - we have gotten to the essence – the underlying values, guiding principles, the core elements that needed to be balanced & corrected.  The challenge is always to DEFINE – the solution is to REINFORCE.  Your unique self, who you now clearly know, "know thyself" has an established foundation that provides you with all you need to create & recreate an exceptional life.  

This process keeps you consciously aware of how and when you are getting in your own way.  Will Power & Concentration is the vitality that will provide all you need to live a happy, joy-filled, peaceful life.